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Suhasini Yoga Group was formed by young yoga enthusiasts who volunteered with a mission to create awareness about the impact of yoga in daily life. The group is very popular and loved & respected by all the people of Dombivali, Maharashtra. Not only this but through its unique approach to teaching yoga, this group has gained popularity throughout India as well as Abroad.

Established in the year 1999, Suhasini Yoga Private Institute has been trying various methods to take yoga education to the grassroots of the country.

The members of the group have deep faith in culture and responsibility towards the society. Since 2003, via independent yoga classes, the group has been able to help and provide specialized training for specially-abled people and the community including blind-handicapped, remand homes, old age homes, deaf, retarded, and mentally retarded people. As they progress in their journey, the rehabilitation center started offering free yoga training in special schools and institutes. After that, many schools, colleges, social organizations, government institutions, and corporates, started imparting knowledge of yoga education.

Under the guidance of Yoga Guru Mr. Pravin Bandkar, the group has managed to showcase its specialized skills to millions and spread the awareness of wellness and remedies for many physical diseases by organizing public demonstrations, and online social platforms such as Facebook and Youtube.

To attract small school children towards the study of yoga the pillar of this group Guruvrya Pravin Bandkar has shown various programs like Yoga Rhythmic Yoga Deepyog on the show everywhere and has encouraged the children towards yoga practice.

From 2006 to 2011, many of Mr. Praveen Bandkar's disciples have represented the state of Maharashtra in yoga competitions at the state and national levels. Mr. Pravin Bandkar has been especially honored by the honorable former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Swami Ramdev for yoga demonstrations. Guruvrya Pravin Bandkar devised an initiative that would benefit society by coaching Shruti Shinde, Gayatri Shete, and Prasad Mahamunkar as expert yoga trainers while implementing many programs and videos through social media.

The entire group is connected with the spiritual knowledge of Sadhguru Sri Vamanrao Pai, from Jeevanvidya to yoga and An innovative initiative from yoga to life is transformed in this group.

Yoga is a practice of the mind and body, and it brings about health and happiness benefits through its direct influence on our nervous system.

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1 Million
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Suhasini Online Yoga Classes
(General fitness program)

The General Fitness Program is suitable for people of all ages including kids and old age. These online yoga classes are open to people from all the countries of the world.

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